Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Catching Up at Miranda

I seem to have been away from Blogland for ages.  Oh, I've just looked.  I have been away from Blogland for ages.  I've so much to blog about and so little time at the moment that it might take me ages to catch up.  I have been pondering, mind you, on lots of things these last few days and I've realised that Blogland is really quite important to me.  Not in itself, of course, but in the friendships I have made in this world of cross-over between reality and something a little removed from reality.  

Today I'm at Miranda on the Firth of Thames in the Waikato.  It is a wetland of international significance for migratory shorebirds.  The Miranda Shorebird Centre operated by the Miranda Naturalists' Trust has accommodation and a visitor centre.  The time to come to see the birds is at high tide when they are feeding and resting and the tidal edge and are within viewing distance through the telescopes at the hide.

I have lots of material, including the shorebirds here,  to post from the last week or more since I left home and I'm not due home until Friday evening when Mike and Sandra (friends from Gisborne) will probably already be ensconced in The Cottage.  So it may be a few more days before I'm back in Blogland properly.

In the meatime here are the photos of the Miranda Centre and the unit I'm staying in.  It is excellent and inexpensive.  If you want a few days relaxing in the area I would recommend it.


  1. looks superb...........was wondering where you were. Can see a new DSLR and long lens coming. Have fun.

  2. Good to see you re-entering the world! I look forward to lots more about the fictional Miranda.

  3. It looks lovely. A little bit out of my way, though... ;) Looking forward to more pictures!

  4. I like the looks of the place. I lived in an octagon house at one time. a different life time ago. :-)

  5. I am smiling broadly as I look at these images. It has been such a pleasure to share this place with you GB.