Sunday, 20 February 2011

Art Deco Sunday

This weekend is Art Deco Weekend.  I have just discovered that I have done 36 previous posts with this label.  Anyway I shall plough on regardless of the fact that I may have told and shown you all this before.  The Veronica Bell was given to the City of Napier after the HMS Veronica was  decomissioned.   I shall not repeat the story which you can read on my previous post:  The Earthquake: The Role of HMS Veronica .  However I shall post some new photos.

The hanging of The Veronica Bell in The Soundshell
The re-dedication of The Bell
The ringing of The Bell.  The ringer was a Napier man serving on RNZN Canterbury.
So that's what you lug around, Adrian.  At least you don't have to wear the uniform!
The NZ Defence Force treats this event seriously


  1. Wonderfully crisp photos, Graham and it looks to have been an enjoyable event. Would have liked hearing the bell :)

    WHOA!! That camera!! It looks so complicated, so BIG. I can't wrap my mind around carrying around such equipment, but that would be why I am happy to be an amateur, I suppose...and happy that others aren't :)

  2. Hi Graham, Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Graham, if you put the date in the title it doesn't show ones lack of imagination.
    I've cut down...........Had to I'm not as young as I was.