Thursday, 9 December 2010

Thankful Thursday

I was going to say how thankful I was to be able to hear a Morepork this evening.  Then that post grew a life of its own.  It wasn't hearing the Morepork itself which was what made me thankful, it was the fact that I was free to hear it, that I was here to hear it and that I have ears with which to hear it.  They are all things which we take for granted.  For so many these things are not available: the freedom, the  opportunity and the ability to hear. 

For those things I am thankful.


  1. You forget stamina and mental resilience. Beautiful as the owl is I couldn't face the journey to see it. That is what you should be truly thankful for.....Have you still got those Parakeet type birds that trash cars...if so rent a car and get some pictures.

  2. I had a discussion with a friend once about which, if we had to choose, senses would we prefer to live without.

    Being a musician, well, in a past life, before children........I would be devastated to lose my hearing.
    My eyesight has already changed over the years (and a little more with the brain mass present) but thankfully my hearing is excellent.
    I hope this stays with me forever.

    When we first moved to North Auckland I heard a Morepork for the first time. It was in the dead of night, a very humid night. Lying in bed with the windows open I could hear him loud and clear. What a fantastic call!

  3. GB.....I just read your comment on my "traditions" post.

    Maybe you need to introduce a new tradition this year?

    (I don't believe the "old dog new tricks" saying anyway ;-)

  4. Adrian: The birds that trash cars are Keas. I met some on a visit to South Island in 2007. I've posted on it today.

    Jaz: I know this may sound rather pathetic (and I try never to be that) but although I have always been an incurable romantic a creative imagination has never been my strong point. Doing new tricks is relatively easy. Thinking of new tricks to do is my problem.