Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday Just Happened and I Nearly Missed It

That's not to say that I blinked and it was over it's just that it happened so quickly; dans un instant; im Augenblick; in het knipoogje van een oog.  I apologise but I know no Swedish.  

This morning I went to watch the finals of the Golf Croquet Silver Badges at Te Mata.  Our people, by that I mean members of the Marewa Croquet Club took the primary and middle grades but, unfortunately, as always our representative in the Championship grade was beaten by Te Mata's indestructable Tony Stephens - one of NZ's top players who has been at the top of his game for the last 50 years!  Says it all really.

I returned home and decided this afternoon to write my Christmas cards.  Having Christmas in the middle of the summer is hopeless for getting motivated.  Christmas does not come in the hot weather!  So I did some Christmas cards which will be posted in the morning but which stand little chance of arriving before Christmas.  I think that  for the remainder I will have to adopt a more imaginative approach.  That'll buy me a few more days.

Later in the afternoon I popped up to The House to see what was happening in their world.  A visit by friends and a BBQ just being cooked was a good excuse for a glass of wine.  Three exceptionally pleasant hours later I found myself back at The Cottage in time for the end of a programme on The River Nile with Joanna Lumley (sigh) and then a programme on how Coronation Street came into being.  

Now it's time for bed.

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  1. You surprise me. I did not know you speak Dutch! ;) In Swedish that phrase would be "på ett ögonblick".

    I can totally understand that it must be hard whipping up Christmas inspiration in hot weather. Here there's no escape from constant reminders but I have only got my relatively few overseas cards sent off so far. Must get started on the Swedish ones tonight!