Friday, 31 December 2010

Splash Planet

Yesterday I took the four children to Splash Planet.  I'd never been before.  I will doubtless go again.  Not because it has lots of things for me to do - for most of the 7 hours we were there I sat in the sun by the 'river' and read and did crosswords although the youngsters did take me for a game of crazy golf at one stage - but because the children thoroughly enjoyed it.  They had, of course, been many times before. 

I think it's the first time I've been tagged- we had passes for everything but you can get passes for just swimming or just this or that.

Although it's very much a local theme park it does provide a good day for the children.  I would have liked to have taken some photos of the slides and water flumes  but I was very reluctant to take my camera out with so many children around although some people were videoing their children quite freely.  It's still not such an issue in New Zealand life is relatively less paranoid than in the UK and US.   I did however photograph David and Fraser and their large pile of floats going round the outside 'river'.  David is the one on the top of the pile.

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  1. The more of a crowd there is the less the use of cameras usually seems to bother people. I think that picture from the pool is a very good capture of the atmosphere while at the same time no stranger needs to feel like they're being stalked...