Thursday, 30 December 2010

Playing With Images - Follow Up

Last Tuesday I posted on image manipulation after I'd photographed a weather front coming across the country.  Various comments indicated a divergence of views on the results and Adrian offered to give a lesson in the techniques involved in achieving various results.  He subsequently posted a tutorial and the results on his blog Seeing to Pictures

The original image he used was 

and the final result was:

Adrian made the point "I have exaggerated the editing but for folk to see a difference I have to".


  1. Still see the drama, but with a bang! Love it!

  2. I'm still learning.....most sensible people are.........Me Sensible? If you edit non destructively it's a good idea to duplicate the original image and drag it to the top of the stack then adjust opacity to suit YOU...
    I know you are becoming a convert but think back to early B&W. Blown skies shadows as black as soot. Then we moved on to Kodachrome...folk cross processed that stuff it was so flat. Fuji Velvia or whatever it was called really sang. The camera has always lied...thank heaven it has. So much fleeting pleasure in a work of art.