Tuesday, 14 December 2010

An Ominous Heavyness

It's lunchtime.  The temperature is suddenly plummeting.   Ten minutes ago it was over 30℃ and now it's 27℃.  This morning I played croquet and the air was still and heavy down on the  coastal plain were the lawns are.  When I got back to The Cottage for lunch it was hot and airless and the cicadas were in full throat for the first time this year (ok full abdomen as that's where their noise emanates).  The sky was sending mixed messages with patches of blue in an otherwise broken clouded sky.  Then the thunders started rolling around in the distance.  Then the trees started 'snowing'.  In fact it was almost to the day that I blogged about them 'snowing' last year.  Now the rain has started, heavy clouds are coming over from the South behind The Cottage and the temperature is dropping further.  The ranch sliders are open - oh! BIG lightning flash - and the thunder is getting nearer.

I have just spent the last 15 minutes on the deck, camera in hand, to try and photograph some lightning and record some thunder.  Well I had the perfect opportunity to record a magnificent and long roll of thunder but I was in photo mode and there was no lightning to be had.  Now it's just raining.  Ah well.

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