Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oh, to be in Scotland

Oh, to be in Scotland
Now that snow is there,
And whoever wakes in Scotland
Sees, some morning, unaware,
That the Highland Bull ex-patriated be
To New Zealand pastures in the raging sun
For which he, heavy coated and so desperately hot, cries
'Oh to be in Scotland--now!!'

With apologies to Robert Browning


  1. Poor Graham... You must be feeling SO homesick right now, missing out on all the snow! ;) /PS. Methinks I remember that photo? (or similar one) But I had to look up Browning's poem.

  2. A superb image of a wonderful beast. Such gentle and photogenic cows.

  3. You`re having a laugh, mate!The whole country`s grinding to a halt - they`re shipping in salt from PERU to cope and only treating the main roads - our pavements are like ice rinks and the shops are running out of everyday provisions.Instead of taking my handbag out with me, I`m now packing a shovel! It`s life,GB but not as we know it!

  4. Too right Nana Go-Go! The Highland cows down the road are covered in frost and snow. They do not look happy. So far no papers today. Only island post - the glad game -no bills from the mainland. Edinburgh Airport closed now until 6am Thursday. Gatwicke closed until 10am Thursday. Daughter trying to get home from L.A. Hope she makes it for Christmas! Enjoy the sun G.B. Don't get sunburnt! What is going on?!!!

  5. :) All fitting well together. No snow in our neck of the woods, as of yet, none to mention of anyway. But, soon, I am so sure.

    Enjoy your beautiful New Zealand ♥

  6. Maybe I'm missing the point here but all I can think is thank heavens Sister Mary Francis is long gone or she'd be having a fit if she read this. How she loved Browning and what a trial we wild little Aussies were! If she'd had just a fraction of your sense of humour maybe we would have appreciated him more.

  7. Oh, surely Browning would have seen the humor in it...

    (Maybe a shave and a haircut for the poor cow...might help???)

    (Word verification: "unplay...")