Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A New Home For a Vermont Teddy

A few days ago a package arrived from Vermont.  Who do I know in Vermont?  Only one family.  Heather's Family.   What was in the package?  A Vermont Teddy.  OK.  I hear you saying "What is a mature (I prefer that definition to 'old') man doing getting a teddy bear?"  Well I assume that Heather thought that it was a good idea otherwise she wouldn't have done it.  Me?  I may be a rather cynical aging male but I'll tell you something.  Teddy bears (well little stuffed toys) are some of the most important reminders of the good things in my life and I have no hesitation in admitting that.  

The Koala in the picture was brought back to the UK from Australia for my Mum and sat on the top of her settee (couch) until Mum and Dad went to live with CJ when it was re-homed to Lewis with his pal the little white Christmas teddy.  A number of my female friends over the years have seen fit to give me similar reminders and they all sit in the house in Lewis.  

True story:  Arriving home from California years ago with a friend whose wife wouldn't step on a plane Teddy Neric (given to me by my then fiancĂ©) fell out of the overhead locker together with my rather expensive camera.  I saved Teddy Neric.  My friend saved the camera.  I don't think that he's yet recovered from traveling round California with a man with a miniature teddy bear attached to his camera bag.

Anyway the Vermont Teddy has been resting on the deck this afternoon surveying his new (wet) domain:


  1. Very cute! I have a soft spot for little softies, too... ;) Some are in hibernation in a box in my wardrobe, but on a shelf in my study sits Pooh Bear, keeping a daily eye on me. (Christmas gift from a friend some years ago.)

  2. I love it! And, I love Teddy's - all of the stuffed creatures of the world :)

    So nice to see him enjoying his new home, Graham.

    I will never live too long without the companionship of my stuffed favorites {I have many}.