Friday, 31 December 2010

New Followers

Last night I decided to acknowledge those who have signed up recently to follow this Blog.  At that time the latest person was Doreen of My Reflections as I Shutter Along... .  Welcome, Doreen.  I did recall your blog from the time when CJ aka Scriptor Senex admired your photographs as well as your being a member of Soaring.  This morning, however, another follower arrived and, for the first time, I used the block facility.  

The new follower had a blog entirely in her own language - Greek - of which I don't speak a word.  However she would have been very welcome but for the fact that her blog was purely a commercial one advertising, of all things, curtains.  Somehow I can never see me buying curtains from Greece for use in New Zealand.  

I do sometimes wonder who some of my followers are and why they follow.  I would like to know who Prince Arief is, for example.  Unfortunately I can't even work out which country he's from or which language his blog uses.

Ah well.  


  1. thanks for the kind words. I promise I am not a stalker!! :-) (just my crazy sense of humor)

    I like to connect with other photographers. I love to see how everyone see's their part of the world. also learn by how others show their images.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I wonder, myself, of some of the followers - if they like the photos when they can't understand the words...what attracts their interest? A Prince? Wow.

  3. The blogging world is a funny old place isn't it!

    I'm just plain nosey I think. When i was working full time as a primary school teacher and juggling my family I didn't even contemplate having a blog. I thought it was for IT geeks. I barely had time to check my emails back then!!

    But moving to a new part of the country, staying at home for a couple of years to raise my little ones can make one feel a little vulnerable and lonely some days.

    I simply love the reassurance that other people's lives bring me. I like knowing that others love the simple things, or the lavish things. I love viewing other people's photos. I love seeing what others' do for hobbies and in their gardens.
    Gosh, I am nosey.
    Now that I'm used to blogging I love sharing my life, my highs and lows. It is simply a good feeling to share.

    I also pick up cool ideas, recipes etc etc.

    Golly.......GB thanks for making me think about how blogging actually improves my life. Hopefully along the way I can make somebody else happy or smile.

    Keep it up GB

    The photos are fab and commentary always interesting and entertaining. Aaaaah life is grand huh.................better than the alternative, even on the worst days ;-)

  4. Yes I too sometimes wonder about the followers who never actually comment. I've not blocked anyone yet. Moving my Picture Book blog about 1/3 of the followers of the previous one had followed within a couple of weeks. Remains to be seen what happens when I take the same step with the other blog...

  5. Re Prince Arief...why don't you ask him?

  6. Doreen: It's good to have you and your blog - which I've been visiting.

    Heather: I can't understand his but he may be able to understand mine.

    Thanks for your words and encouragement Jaz. You are an inspiration.

    Monica: Nor had I. I've not had many advertising comments either but CJ gets lots.

    Marcel: Good point. I will. Sometimes the most obvious things allude me. But then you know that already!