Saturday, 25 December 2010

My Christmas Tree

Those of you who know me (and, I suspect by now those who don't will have realised) also know that I am not a Christmas person and the one and only time I had a Christmas tree was when Friend Who Knows Too Much said she would only bring The Girls (her two wonderful daughters) if I put up a tree.  So I did.  I also put three sets of lights on it (it was a reasonably sized tree) and plenty of decorations.  About half an hour before they were due the first set of lights went out and then the second.  I can't recall if the third managed to survive.  Anyway none of the spare bulbs I had would fit any of the sets on the tree and they were all different from each other so I couldn't even pinch from one to mend another.  So the tree sat there in a shadow of what should have been its glory.  That was the last time.

Actually no.  That's not correct.  The first Christmas I spent in New Zealand Catriona was only just 5.  She made me a tree.  Each year that tree has come out and, with the aid of Blutac, has been on display:

Now that's my kind of tree:  lots of love and memories.


  1. I knew it. You may repeat a hundred times that you're not a "Christmas person" but you've still got the true spirit of Christmas... (

  2. Priceless! I agree, this is the true spirit of Christmas. It is put up with love, and that's the whole reason for the season. :)