Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Croquet Club Christmas

Yesterday the Croquet Club had its Christmas lunch and afternoon tea.  There were no unusual croquet games as there usually are- just ordinary ones, a buffet lunch (of considerable portions) and afternoon tea comprising the President's Christmas Cake, strawberries and New Zealand sparkling wine.  By the time I started taking photos the bulk of the participants had left leaving the die-hards who had played in the afternoon to partake of afternoon tea:

 Frank, the President, advancing to cut the President's Christmas Cake

 First things first - get into the bubbly

The serious part of the day

 The even more serious part of the day

Helen is still a formidable golfer and croquet player and maker of President's Christmas Cakes.  And former Headmistress (it's amazing how many teachers play croquet!).

Sisters - and teachers - Chris and Karen!

The Club President (Frank) tops up the Club Captain's glasses (the Club Captain, Jayne,  doesn't have to drive to the Club!).

Actually there is an argument for the provision of the bubbly before play commences at 10.30 am.  After imbibing a reasonable number of glasses Jayne and Karen challenged Frank and I to a game of Golf Croquet (Jayne refuses to enter the Dark Side and play Association).  Granted Karen had not been imbibing, nor had I.  However after Frank and I had been slaughtered we sought a re-match only to be further defeated even more comprehensively.  Ah well.  It's only a game.  Yeah right.


  1. Die Hards.......I must remember that expression.
    Here we have a rather less polite way of describing such folk.

  2. For 'afternoon tea' I don't see a whole lot of tea!!! ;)

    Strawberries... Now there's something I'd definitely include in my Christmas traditions if I was in the right climate for it...!