Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Comments - I Always Appreciate Them

A while ago I started a post on the comments on blogs.   I never finished it.   Like most people I assume, I love getting comments.   It tells me that there are people out there reading our words and looking at our photos which is, I guess, the main reason we blog.  I know there are a quite a few people who don't comment for one reason or another but whom I know read my blogs at least some of the time and that's great too.  

Presumably, too, people who comment like to know that their comments are appreciated.  I always assume that if I've commented on a post then the author will have seen the comment.  A while ago I decided to follow Adrian's example and acknowledge comments.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I don't.  I'm going to try and do it more often.  Whether I do or don't though please know that your comments are always read and (almost always!) enjoyed. 


  1. I think we all like comments but what interests me me more is who are all the other visitors who never comment. A cousin and a second cousin at my aunt's funeral told me they read my blog! I had no idea!

  2. In always read comments as they are all emailed to me, and sometimes I will answer questions and acknowledge people, although I suspect they never red these unless they have asked to subscribe to comments. Indonthis sometimes, but on popular blogs i then get a steady stream of emails from that too. Sigh. Visitng their blogs to leave a message can be nice, but if you do that to answer questions, others would not seem your replies.
    Then of course, many comments appear on the version Facebook gets....
    Not sure that stats has really got a handle on all the ways people read blogs these days....i use google reader a lot and commenting becomes harder... I have to be really enthused to actually visit the blog and meander through codes and account names to write all this, which is a wee compliment to you lol
    Hope the weather is treating you OK... Wet and windy down here, but the earth has stilled!

  3. Ps... Typing on an iPad is still tortuous and the typos I missed can all be blamed on it lol

  4. I've noticed over the two years that I've been blogging that people treat comments very differently - at both ends. I like it when a bit of dialogue happens, and your blog is often of that kind, which is one of the things that makes it fun to follow. I guess I myself end up with compromises too. I respond to comments by further comment on my own blog if I feel that I want it to be part of the context there and available to other readers as well. At other times I might reply by email or by visiting the other person's blog instead.

  5. It's good to know that you like people who read your blog to leave comments.
    I have occassionally in the past, and will be happy to in future, when I have something relevant to say!
    I do enjoy reading about your 2 'lives'. Thank you

  6. I've found that reading comments and leaving comments has led to many friendships...and that is priceless.

  7. Pauline: Yes that is one of the intriguing things about blogging isn't it?

    Fiona: You are correct, of course. If we replied to every post we'd never be off the computer.

    Monica: Without dialogue sometimes the whole thing would be rather pointless, I agree.

    Lizzie: I find it even more intriguing when someone comments but I have absolutely no idea from their profile who they are!

    Cynthia: Amen to that.