Thursday, 2 December 2010

Away Again......

At 0845 tomorrow, Friday, we set off yet again for another croquet tournament.  This time in Whakatane on the north  coast of the Bay of Plenty pretty much directly north if you draw a line but the real drive goes all over the place.  In fact it's quite a drive: Napier > Taupo > Rotorua > Whakatane.  Jane and I won the doubles there last year so we are off to defend our title.  We are back on Monday.  Now for bed.


  1. Oh, you. Always on the go-go-go, busy-busy-busy - but a fun kind of busy and a truly life living kind of busy...and I am blessed through your travels, Graham. Do enjoy your time spent playing and laughing :)

  2. "If you win it's all skill, if you lose it's all bad luck"... ;)

  3. Hope you have a good drive and another "good" tournament. I'm glad you are taking that route and not going north to Gisborne and through the Waioeka Gorge.

    Take care!