Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Absence Not Apathy

I know that I've told you this before.  I used to have a saying on my kitchen notice board "Love is a wheelchair.  Happiness is dancing naked in the warm rain."  Well today the temperature started at 28 ℃ at 0630.  And climbed.  It's been a hot and very muggy day.  The weather this year is really bizarre.  We don't get 'muggy' in Hawkes Bay.  Nor do we get day after day of cloud and rain at this time of year.  Nor does the UK get snow in November and December in the quantities and to the extent that they had this year.  It's a funny old world.  I played croquet this afternoon with Zoe's Grandmother Judy whom I am partnering in an Association Croquet tournament at the start of January.  I'm fortunate in that I don't mind the heat although I prefer it without the intense humidity we had today.

I say 'had' because a short while ago the heavens opened and I could well have danced naked in the warm rain.  Indeed it would have been a wonderful relief.  However courage failed me.  Or apathy won the day.  I'm not sure which.  After all it'd be a pretty unusual if anyone actually saw me at The Cottage unless there were people working in the orchards.  Mind you one of the family could have come down and got rather a nasty surprise.  The temperature dropped 8 degrees and the humidity dropped too.  It's now very pleasant.  I still have all the doors and windows open though.

I called the posting 'Absence not Apathy' but I'm not sure that's really accurate.  Since last Friday I've been unable to get my brain to blog and indeed it's been a bit reluctant to do anything involving mental effort so I've concentrated on physical things. 

Soon Christmas will be over and life will return to normal and I'll be OK.


  1. Even if you say you don't mind the heat, I'm not suprised if that kind of hot and humid weather does not really put you in best blogging mood. Nor Christmas mood, for that matter...

  2. Gosh, it's hotter in Napier than here - and I thought we were hot enough! The heat sure does sap the energy just when I need it in the run up to Christmas.

  3. I was sure that you were going to say that you did dance ;)

    My words are all a jumble in my mind when I can't write and non-existent when I can...hopefully, peace inside will return to me after the rush has passed {{meaning that I understand}}.

    &hearts and hugs!!