Saturday, 30 October 2010

I Have Arrived in My New Zealand Home

It's nearly 1600 or 4pm on Saturday 30 November here in The Cottage.  In fact it is in the whole of New Zealand's mainland.  

I missed the scheduled last leg of the journey - the flight between Auckland and Napier.  The plane was late getting in from Los Angeles.  So I eventually arrived in Napier at 11.30am instead of 9.30am.  Then Wendy, Catriona and I went for coffee in Taradale on the way home because we had to drop Catriona at gymnastics.     After a beautiful, warm week the weather here today is cold and dull.  Ah well.  

I managed little or no sleep on the journey other than a few hours sort of dozing between LA and Auckland.  That was a disappointment after the last few journeys when I have managed a few hours of reasonable rest.  So this afternoon I'm quite tired.  I am emptying The Cupboard and bringing a semblance of normality back to my life in The Cottage.  Whether I'll manage it all today is debatable.  I'm definitely flagging.  The first thing out of The Cupboard was my permanent reminder of life back on Lewis given to me by Friend Who Knows Too Much.  I expect that I shall be early to bed tonight.  But I've said that before!

Of course the very first thing I did was have a shower and then following on from my last post on Eagleton Notes entitled Panic Set In I plugged my mobile broadband into the laptop.  Oh dear.  No installation CD for the Mac as indicated by the set-up instructions.   As it is Saturday and the majority of shops shut early on Saturday afternoon I decided to pop down to Leading Edge which is one of the two NZ Telecom agents in Napier.  It was closed.  Permanently.  Oh dear.  Orb, the other, closes at the weekend anyway.  However a friendly computer buff at Dick Smith's sorted it (You don't need the CD!) and I now have broadband on the Mac.  No internet for the whole weekend would have been a bit too traumatic.

Once I can sort out my NZ Telecom plan I will be able to get my main emails on my phone too.

Right.  Before I disappear up to The House for dinner I shall get on with my unpacking.

Hopefully soon I'll have something more worthwhile to say and some photos to show you.


  1. Yeah... So quick! Sunny down here, and blissfully still earthwise. Have a good night at home :)

  2. Too bed you missed your connecting flight. Luckily you had enough daylight to sort your Mac problem. It's been sunny and warm up here, too - must be just the middle bit that has missed the nice weather. Enjoy your night re-connecting with your Kiwi family!

  3. Glad to find that you have arrived and also have your broadband connection up and running. :)

    I can only too well imagine the frustration of not getting that to work straight away, since when I got up this morning I found my own cable broadband suddenly not working (after being okay just before I went to bed)... Help! Isolated from the World! And why does that always happen on weekend mornings?! (when the phone support does not open until 12)

    As I suspected though it was an external fault. The connection just came back on. Phew!

    Hope you're sound asleep as I send this off, and feeling rested and refreshed by the time you read it.

  4. just to make you feel homesick, we have had some pretty awful weather. Heavy rain and strong winds.... Strange your not down the road, would be popping down for a coffee or something else depending on the time of day.. enjoy your rest and catch up soon. xx

  5. ps. glad you arrivesd safely x

  6. Welcome back!!!

    Shame we couldn't deliver you a beaut day. The North Island is having a little chilly snap this week. We went out to watch a fireworks display last evening and it was positively "South Island COLD', not the normal balmy nights that we are used to up here now.
    Don't worry, summer is just around the corner.........I hope ;-)
    Hope you slept well.

  7. I'm just pleased to know that you've arrived safely, sure that you'll be just fine in the meantime ;)