Friday, 13 March 2009

Surely You Prefer These

This is an electricity Sub-Station in Gisborne. Surely, Marcel, despite your comments on previous postings of wall art, you must prefer this to some of the drab and unappealing buildings that are sub-stations in the UK.


  1. I wonder who finds the time to paint them?

  2. Really though...much patience is required in painting them...and discipline. I haven't touched the boys bedroom for almost two weeks (the shame).

  3. Fine, but why can't buildings just be made more attractive than they are? I understand the argument about utility versus beauty but there has to be a compromise. Would it get planning permission in the Western Isles? The building undoubtedly would but the painting?

    I still don't understand WHY it is done. Maybe I'm just a hardened Philistine.