Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Plan? What Plan?

My day today (Tuesday) was to be very simple. Crouqet this morning. Lunch with a friend. Put in an appearance at pétanque and spend the late afternoon and evening cooking dishes to be frozen for the visitors for the next few weeks. Did it all happen that way? Of course not.

Wendy rang just as I was about to play in the first game of the day. Would I take the children to gym this afternoon? No problem. Of course I would.

Because I was to be ferrying children I skipped pétanque and arrived home mid afternoon and started cooking. In hindsight I should have ironed the sheets for my bed because I've just had to make it using different sheets and late evening is not bed-making time! Wendy arrived home with a car hors de combat in need of some TLC. Eventually the children's gym was abandoned. Wendy took The Handbag and I was left holding the baby so to speak.

I decided that, as soon as Wendy came home have to go and get a few odds and ends to finish the evening's cooking. Wendy arrived home with a friend who promptly produced a bottle of vino and poured us all a drink. Wendy fed the children. By 8pm, we had put the world to rights, decided that President Obama was a Good Thing after the day's declarations on Science and consumed enough wine to ensure that none of us did anything too serious for the rest of the evening. We opened one of the venison stews that I had ready for the freezer and ate a hearty meal.

Having had just 4 hours sleep last night (caused by an exceptionally late to bed and early to rise not insomnia) I have decided to have an early night.

Another Good Day has passed. Perhaps tomorrow will go to plan. Then again.........

Post script: I was in bed at 1045 and by 1048 I was away in the land of nod.


  1. You iron your SHEETS???????????

    LOL Margaret

  2. You mean to say that you don't iron yours???? I just love sleeping in freshly ironed sheets. I feel a blog posting coming on!