Friday, 13 March 2009

More Little and Large

"Mummy. Will I be like you when I grow up?"

The "Aaaah" factor. When we were staying with friends who have a stud near Palmerston North a little while ago they were waiting for this foal to be born. We popped in to visit and see the foal last Friday. Colin (for that is to be his name) will, all being well, be a racehorse following family tradition.


  1. I know some girls who'd like legs that long.

  2. I know one girl who has them :o) and those who have them, take awhile to appreciate them. My pants were ALWAYS too short when I was a teen, then....I found Levi's Jeans....yup..yup.

    GB - I really enjoy your little and large postings. The cars made me giggle but this one is just so sweet.

    Thank you for making me smile...again and again :o)

  3. colin is such a great name for a horse! and racehorse at that!