Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lost: Two Mousetraps

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of mousetraps. The reason for the purchase was that mice had climbed into the conduit in the wall in which the air conditioning tubes pass between the outside unit and the inside unit. They appeared to have nested in the inside unit. I placed the two traps at the point where the conduits went under the house and into the wall. I caught a couple of mice. I feel really bad about that 'cos I actually love mice but in situations such as this it's the survival of the best prepared. I just went out today to see if there was any more bodies in the traps. The traps have gone. I have searched the area round the Cottage and there is no sign of them. Presumably they have been dragged away by either Comet (unlikely given how well she's fed) or one of the feral cats which inhabit the area. Either way I don't really think that I want to find them again!


  1. The other option is that the mice have moved them! Now this might sound daft but I'm amazed at the size/weight of things mice must be able to move.

    We have mice in the back garden and they found there way into the shed last month and more importantly into the bags of bird food. The gnawed a small hole in the bags and ate and strew the food al over the place. What was interesting was that they seemed to then start filling the empty bags with stones. And I don't just mean pebbles but big pieces that are easily the size/weight of a mouse. I think they must be starting to work as a team which probably doesn't bode well for mankind!

  2. Ohhhhhh, I don't much care for disappearing mouse traps. I checked the ones in your shed here the other day and they were empty of food again but no sign of the mickies. However, I do make a tremendous noise before opening the shed door so I suppose all the rattling scares them away. I have not yet plucked up the courage to look in your wellies to see if they are nesting!!!!!

  3. Oh my, GB. My thoughts...maybe the mice were caught in the trap and a local kitty found something yummy...carrying it off to eat all alone. -yuck-