Monday, 2 March 2009

Croquet in The Rain

The Golf Croquet Nationals are on in Wanganui. The weekend was the Doubles. I have drawn a veil. It was fun but...... And the rain!!! And the wind!! But it was fun.....

What the well dressed woman is wearing on the lawns

Croquet as a spectator sport is so quiet, not.

And the well dressed man...

Oh look, the sun


  1. Without wanting to sound ignorant, what does 'drawing a veil' mean? (Neither Mark nor I have ever heard the phrase before)

  2. If you draw a veil over a subject, you do not talk about it any more because it could cause trouble or make someone embarrassed I think we should draw a veil over this conversation and pretend it never happened.
    [Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed.]

  3. OK, in retrospect that was obvious, but the context confused me. I assumed it was some strange croquet expression.

    Next time I'll think horses not zebras!