Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Croquet at The Nationals

Well it's been a day and a half. I think that I enjoyed it. We had three games left from the first round which determined the rankings for the remainder of the tournament. I won all three. What was unusual was that two of the three are from the top echelons of the sport and being beaten by an outsider caused an upset and I managed to make the final 16! Needless to say playing best of threes in the top 16 means that I will be eliminated from the final 8 but, hey, I made it this far and it's been fun. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Well it's been fun up to a point. The Big Boys are a law unto themselves and there is an exclusive arrogance which pervades their ranks. They have not up until now arrived at The Nationals in such numbers. I am not ever likely to be part of the world scene and have no interest in the politics of world croquet. But it's been an interesting experience. One I don't think I'll be repeating.


  1. Well done! Good luck in beating even more of them!

  2. Well done so far. Sounds like croquet is a little like bowling, politically I mean. For me it would be like you, just enjoying the game. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Margaret

  3. Good luck! You never know what will happen...

    Enjoy the game!