Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Bulls: A Good Place To Eat

When we arrived in Bulls on our way to Palmerston North from Wanganui we stopped because I wanted to take photographs and it was a good place to stop for a bite of lunch. There will be a lot more photos to come but this is where we ate. For some reason I haven't fathomed it was called Mothered Goose and was excellent.

On a wall was written: "Life isn't about dawdling to the grave, arriving safely in an attractive, wrinkle-free body but rather an adventure that ends skidding in sideways, champagne in one hand, strawberries in the other, totally worn out, screaming "Yee-ha. What a ride!!" "

It was here, too, that we saw something that cracked Jayne and I up - the othere didn't see it. One of the waitresses noticed fingerprints on the entrance door (above) and decided to clean them (it was that sort of a place) with a cloth on one hand and a spray of cleaner in the other. She held the door open with a foot so that she could clean both sides. With a hand on each side of the door she sprayed one side and rubbed the other. It took her a few seconds to realise why she couldn't wipe the spray off. It's just the sort of thing I could have done.

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