Sunday, 2 December 2007

TV and Being Comfortable

One of the comfortable things about New Zealand is the TV adverts (which appear on all channels). Some are very much like they are in the UK and some are definitely not. But what is so comfortable is that many of the adverts which were on when I left here last March are still running.

It's not just the adverts either. TV3 Weather's 6pm principal presenter, Toni, is still there. None of your staid UK presentation. Glamorous (not that UK TV lacks glamour in its presenters) and very competent (ok so no difference there then either) but above all completely part of the nation to which she belongs. For example if you get a really brilliant day coming up in a period of less pleasant weather she may describe it as "just the day for you to throw a sickie". Other descriptions of the weather include 'informalities' which just wouldn't be seen on UK TV. Shame really.

Apart from the adverts TV seems to be 'reality' shows, soaps, lots of US/UK crime programmes but very few films. Although SKY has a UK TV channel with lots of old (and possibly not so old) UK programmes. In other words TV is even less varied and interesting than it is in the UK.

So far apart from Boston Legal (a programme I happen very much to enjoy) I've been reduced to watching old Judge Deed and House episodes on UK TV (most of which I saw last time I was here but on a NZ channel). As you will have guessed, therefore, I watch very little TV. I do watch the News and occasional DVD though. Ah well.

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