Sunday, 9 December 2007

Pre-cooked Sausages

Every now and then I have a desire for sausages - usually sausages and beans. When I have these pangs I look for some really lovely sausages; the 'Butcher's Choice' type of sausage. I actually found some in the Stornoway Co-op that I really liked but I've forgotten what they were. Anyway there isn't a Stornoway Co-op in Napier so when a few days ago I decided that cauliflower cheese and sausage would be enjoyable, I decided on some sausages which looked rather tempting. They were passable although the description of 'super savoury' was not quite as I would have described them. What I did notice was that they were 'pre-cooked'.

Now I know that some people don't have problems with statements on Amazon and in the shops that things can be pre-ordered. I do. Despite the attempts of proselytisers I still think that something can be ordered or not ordered. I do not think that something can be pre-ordered.

Anyway, as usual, I digress. What I did notice on the packet of sausages was that they were pre-cooked. What, I asked myself, were they cooked before? However that was not the crowning glory in the realms of linguistic or instructional absurdity. Why, if they were pre-cooked (whatever that actually means) did it say on the packet 'Cook thoroughly before eating'?

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