Sunday, 30 December 2007

New Year Holiday

As if my life wasn't one long holiday I'm of to Taupo in the morning (Monday) for a few days to see in the New Year and spend some time with Wendy and Martin and the children who are on holiday at their timeshare there this week. I was lucky to get accommodation because Taupo is a major holiday destination (you'll see why in future postings) and this is not only the School Summer Holidays but also the Christmas and New Year break for many New Zealanders ('though not, of course, if you happen to work in a shop when this is as busy as it gets).

Now you may be thinking that you've heard of Taupo before. Well you have if (a) you've been to New Zealand, (b) you've read my postings on this Blog about recent earthquakes or (c) you are interested in motor sport because Taupo is home to the New Zealand A1 GP.

Taupo is about 147 k or 2 hrs 30 mins drive Northwest towards Auckland from Napier on State Highway 5 over (or through) the Maungaharuru Range. Apart from several (three from memory) small settlements once one leaves Eskdale on the northern side of Napier there is virtually no habitation along the road. As the weather forecast for tomorrow is fine except for a few showers around Napier I should have a good journey with the lid off.

Hopefully I'll manage to do a few posting whilst I'm away but if not I'll be off air for a few days - I'm back on Thursday afternoon.

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