Saturday, 8 December 2007

More Croquet in the Rain

As I said in yesterday's posting Croquet is a game played in any weather when the Lawns are playable. Thursday was touch and go. Yesterday was just miserable. Today (Saturday - this happened today, is being written today and will be posted today!) was quite unbelievable. I woke to constant heavy rain and a pretty sodden area round the cottage (of which more in another posting). What would the Lawns be like? When I arrived at the Club it was obvious that two lawns were unplayable. However the Tournament Manager decreed that play would take place on the other four - we would just have to get wet and miserable and enjoy ourselves!

That was until the lawn my opponent and I were playing became flooded. We ended the game playing a hoop with a good centimetre of lying water. What fun.

We start again at 0800 tomorrow - weather permitting!

The pictures are of the Lawns as we came off them.

So it's not always sunny in Hawkes Bay!

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  1. How about inventing a new game - water croquet with balls that float!