Saturday, 15 December 2007

A Lot of Not Very Much

Hi dear Reader

If you have come to the site today expecting a posting then I'm afraid you will be disappointed. I have been so busy either enjoying myself playing some game or another or looking after the children last night that I haven't prepared anything. I took the children to Burger King. Now I never thought that that would be something I would admit to never mind almost enjoy. It's not the place I'd take someone on a first date you understand but the food was actually acceptable and the service was so quick I couldn't believe it. The children thought it was great. It wasn't packed. The fact that you couldn't get into McDonalds must mean something. But, and this is the most important bit, Burger King serve what I used to know as Mr Whippy ice cream. Fantastic. We all had one. And here is the most astonishing part: an ice cream costs 50c ie less than 20p.

We got back and watched the film that Al Gore (the former next President of the United States) has made on the environment. Then a story at bedtime for Catriona (Rapunzel still lives happily ever after) and the children went to bed of their own accord. Are these really the children I know and love? Wendy and Martin arrived home and after a chat and a nightcap I made my way down to The Cottage and at 0100 fell into bed and a deep sleep.

Now wasn't that exciting!

Today was the Croquet Club's Christmas games and lunch and tomorrow it's the Petanque Club's Christmas competition and BBQ. Life is so hard.

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