Thursday, 20 December 2007

It's Stopped Raining and Other Stories

By 1030 it had stopped raining. It had been raining constantly and heavily for over 30 hours. By this afternoon the sun was out and the surface rainwater in the garden had, for the most part, gone. The legacy at the Cottage was a large hole round the area of the septic tank where the Big Boys Toy had not been able to compress the earth. Anyway there was (and still is) no more rain forecast for the next four days at least. So imagine my surprise at 2030 when the sky went that flat dark grey all over and the heavens opened. I've been child minding since 1600 and Wendy and Martin have gone to the School Board of Trustees Christmas Dinner. Wendy is a Trustee. Unfortunately the mini-bus that brings them home brings them to the end of their drive (it may not be able to turn up at the house) and it's about a kilometre to the house. Could be a bit bedraggled by the time they get home! It's not just the rest of the world where the weather trends are bucking the norm!

I promise that this will not turn into a weather Blog! Here it endeth. I'll just remind you, though, of the New Zealand Met Office Napier weather site

The Other Stories of the heading? Well I'm sure there were some but...........

Well there is one. This morning a parrot or parakeet flew into a tree in front of the Cottage. I'm not sure what it is but it's not native. Perhaps a female Superb Parrot escaped from captivity.
As I was writing this we had an earthquake. A real biggie. Look out for the next posting.

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