Thursday, 20 December 2007

Earthquake - Biggie

I was just finalising the previous posting when the electricity became eratic and suddenly the whole house shook violently and for what felt like a long time - probably about 2 seconds with about another 15 seconds of aftershock. In earthquake terms I think that is a long time. Long enough for things to fall off the bookcase and for us all to feel quite scared for a few minutes. Because the computer was on I immediately filled in an online report. The 'quake was 6.8 on the Richter Scale and the details are:

Quake Details

Information about this earthquake:

Reference Number 2839343/G
Universal Time December 20 2007 at 7:55
NZ Daylight Time Thursday, December 20 2007 at 8:55 pm
Latitude, Longitude 38.86°S, 178.52°E
Focal Depth 40 km
Richter magnitude 6.8
Region Hikurangi Trough
  • 50 km south-east of Gisborne
  • 400 km south-east of Auckland

Felt widely, especially along east coast North Island

The website is

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