Friday, 7 December 2007

Croquet in the Rain

Well I never thought I'd see the day when I'd spend from 0800 until 1830 on a Croquet lawn (or several of them to be exact) in rain which varied between a-tad-less-than-heavy to torrential in wind which varied between Lewis light and almost-gale in temperatures which varied between mild and cold.

Today that is exactly what I did and walked about 5.5k in the process. In fact, until today, I'd never played Croquet in the rain. If it had been a Club day it wouldn't have mattered because only a few die-hards would have turned up. But Tournament Croquet is a game played regardless of the weather until (as happened at Te Mata 15k away where the other half of the Nationals were being played) the lawns flood or become unplayable.

Today (Wednesday) was Doubles and Joyce (my partner for the day) and I had to battle it out to the bitter end. We won three of our six best-of-nineteen games (games are usually best of thirteen). Obviously we didn't win but where we ended up in the rankings I have no idea. Despite the weather we did have a cracking time and all but one of the games were very close. I have to say that most of that was due to me having a partner who played exceptionally well whilst my play varied, like the weather, starting from a base of woefully inadequate. A lesson to people timid of 'big' Tournaments (my partner not I) - never be afraid to play. You may play the game of your life and if you don't then wotthehellarchiewotthehell.

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