Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Day

At about 7.30 this morning I was brought out of my semi-awake state (it had been a late night!) by the patter of running feet running on the deck: unmistakably Catriona. I didn't look at the clock. I didn't have too. I knew that present opening was not to be before 0730. After a shower I made my way up to The House in beautiful sunshine.

Presents were duly opened. Afterwards we had breakfast of bacon rolls with bucks fizz for the adults and banana, milk and chocolate smoothies (containing bananas, milk and chocolate!) for the children. By this time the blue skies had turned to grey and showers were coming through. However we braved the showers and went for a walk. Not 50 yards from The Cottage Wendy pointed out bird burrows (which I identified as belonging to Kingfishers).Christmas Lunch was crayfish and steak with mushroom and onion all done on the BBQ and salads which Wendy and I had made on Christmas Eve.
We had a very laid back day which included playing quizes on the Playstation. I managed to come last in every one of them. I was even beaten by David in the General Knowledge who admitted that many of his answers were completely random. It didn't help that I know nothing about films (The Hollywood Quiz) and am hopeless at answering multiple choice questions at speed (first on the buzzer wins) even if I do know the answer. I'd rather try CJ's Christmas Quiz (which I shall do) where I am likely to stand some sort of sporting chance. It'll be interesting to see.

A long languish in the outdoor spa bath for we three adults and Catriona and Fraser (who rather resembled unruly dolphins) passed the best part of a couple of hours and turned us into rather warm prunes. It was so warm that walking back in wet togs to The Cottage to change was almost pleasant.

After a relaxing evening I returned just before midnight to The Cottage and on a balmy evening with the full moon highlighting the few scudding clouds I listened to The Messiah and made a cheesecake (30 to 40 are coming for Boxing Day afternoon/evening!) before making a few phone calls and falling into bed.

Another Christmas Day was over.

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