Thursday, 27 December 2007

Another Cheesecake Bites the Dust

Boxing Day morning was Spring-clean time. I knew that many of the friends coming this afternoon would be wanting to view The Cottage. Looking at it I would have said it was pretty spick and spam (OK CJ, origin of that saying?) but you suddenly realise that a hoover and dust would not go amiss. Of course one thing leads to another and three hours later all that has been done and a lot more. How do windows get so dirty when they are sheltered from the rain?

Popped up to the House to get dishes from yesterday which I needed to take stuff for this afternoon's meal. Martin mentioned that Napier's picture gallery, Rembrandt's, which is usually only open on Saturday mornings was open this morning too. Into the car and into Napier to see what was available. It is a large Gallery and picture framing business and despite the huge choice of pictures framed and ready to take away at sale prices, finding ones that appealed to me and fitted into the decor of the Cottage was not easy. In the end I chose one of Jack Vetriano's pictures which is a great favourite and another picture which I thought fitted into the bedroom rather well.

The weather was kind and the afternoon and evening were a great success with good food, good wine and excellent friendship. Everyone was rather repleat so the ample amounts of food looked unlikely to be dented. This looked particularly likely for the sweet things like the cheesecake I'd made. Wrong. Everything was demolished.

The evening ended with more Buzz quizzes. Of course I did very badly. However Wendy, playing on my behalf, managed to win the quiz annual challenge cup: a very dubious achievement.............


  1. Not sure of the origin of the phrase, but isn't is "spick and span" not "spick and spam"?

  2. Yes. It is "spick and span" which is what I originally wrote and then changed it because I thought it looked wrong. I should have checked! The origin:

  3. Glad I'm not going mad, although now I have a wonderful image in my head of you and Monty Python trying to clean the cottage!