Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Travelling by air

Travelling via Hong Kong was wonderful. Partly because Hong Kong is a much nicer airport than Los Angeles and partly because you don't have to go through the Imigration Service ritual to which the US (illegally, I understand) subjects transit passengers. It also means that one is travelling the 'correct' way round the globe and I managed two nights with some sort of sleep. That is only the second time that I have ever managed sleep on an air journey. The result was that I felt much fresher when I arrived here.

One point, though, for anyone concerned about their luggage allowance: Air New Zealand (and other Airlines I believe) who transit via the US allow 2 x 23k cases whereas if the journey does not have any sector via the US the allowance is 1 x 20k. All that refers, of course, to economy class. For those lucky enough to travel business class the allowances are different.

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