Wednesday, 21 November 2007

That Season

It's back into the Summer routine. Not a lot of difference to the usual routine except for one important step. Get up, shower, shave, and then cover all the bits that will be exposed during the day and which you have just got clean with factor 30 (thats a minimum at this time of year). The UV factor in New Zealand is very high indeed and one can burn very seriously in a few hours.

The incidence of skin cancer is very high amongst the older Pakeha who had neither the products to slather all over themselves nor the knowledge of what the long term results could be if they bared themselves to the sun.

Many children go to school either without shoes or discard them when at school. Bare feet is a way of life here. But go to school without your sun hat and you are confined to inside. Factor 30 and sun hats are compulsory at school.

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