Monday, 12 November 2007

Purple Drive

Looking down the drive from the House the entrance to the Cottage is at the end of the Lavender bushes and on the left.

On 7 November I posted an entry entitled "A Roof over my Head: Part 5" and showed the drive with were lined with some purple shrubs. CJ asked what the shrubs were. The shrubs were Lavender.

Looking at the above photograph you will see trees and two sorts of shrub. On the left hand side the shrubs are Agapanthas. There are also Agapanthas down the right side as well but there are also lots of Lavender shrubs. The trees are Jacaranda Trees.

The Jacaranda trees are magnificient but have now finished flowering although there is still some bloom left on the trees. So I have cheated and the photo below with the Jacarandas in full bloom was taken last year. The Lavender bushes (which grow as tall as me) are just getting over their best. The Agapanthas, which are almost all purple although there are a few white ones in amongst them, have not yet flowered. All in all a walk down the drive is one to lift the stoniest of hearts (and do wonders for the hay fever).

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