Saturday, 17 November 2007

Pot Pourri

So far my bike has remained in the garage because cycling with a bad cough is perhaps not advisable. Yesterday I brought it down to the Cottage where, over the next few days, I will give it a bit of a service and have a few trial runs. All I then have to do is decide on a strategy for getting my daily cycles in.

When I was coming out of the Library one day I passed the display of newly acquired titles. One leapt out at me. "The Rainhill Trials" The story of the "Greatest Contest of Industrial Britain" and the birth of commercial rail . Of course I had to read a book which dealt with events so close to my birthplace. I'm glad, so far, that I picked it up. And with Mark's and CJ's Blogs both mentioning locomotives recently I thought that I, too, would give them a mention.

We seem to be no nearer having the trench dug so that the phoneline can be laid and the phone connected.

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  1. Hopefully you are enjoying the train story, although I'll warn you now the next episode gets a little bloody!