Monday, 5 November 2007


My Blogs such as they are have been very unexciting since I arrived. Sorry about that. Unfortunately having to do them in the Library makes it a bit difficult and I seem to have been rather pre-occupied with just slipping back into life at home in Napier.

Irritatingly I didn't bring the cable that attaches my Olympus to the Laptop so until I can get one (one more shop to try then ?) so I can't use any of the photos I've taken on it yet. However I have taken photos on my Canon of some of my nearest neighbours:
The Alpacas are admittedly a hundred yards or so away along the drive but the Highland Cows come within 5 metres of my deck. The front patio-style doors onto the deck are open and I can hear them chewing the grass whilst I'm in the Study. The Countryside is so noisy!

I have human neighbours too. I can just see some of their outbuildings from the front of the Cottage.

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  1. So you go how many thousand miles to see Highland cattle???