Friday, 2 November 2007

Je suis arrivé

As I write this it's nearly midnight on Thursday which means that it's nearly eleven o'clock in the morning for those of you in the Uk who are reading this. Well it was when I wrote it. Unfortunately it will be a while before it's actually posted to the Blog. Why? On Tuesday Wendy left for the Practice in the sure and sound knowledge that the NZ Telecom engineer who had come to join the Cottage to the cable that had been previously laid (by NZT) would have the job finished and she'd come home to a cottage with a phone line. He did after all give her the new number. Suffice to say sometimes things appear to go just too smoothlyand the Cottage still has no phone and no internet.

Unfortunately mobile phone coverage around the Cottage is also sparse to say the least because of the hilly nature of the land. So sitting here in the Cottage I'm pretty cut of from the world at the moment. Many would count that a blessing. I'm afraid I'm not one of those people. So my intention is to write the Blog and download it tomorrow.

It was a wonderful feeling as the Dash 8 circled the whole of Napier before touching down at the Airport. There is something about flying into a place and recognising everything which makes me feel very much part of it.

I must have slept on the plane during the two nights I've been on it. The advantage is that I arrived without any trace of tiredness. The disadvantage is that I didn't read much of my book. In previous journeys I have read the whole 700 pages of books like Wild Swans.

I took Frazer to the Gym and went into Napier. It was as if I'd never been away.

A few minutes ago I was wide awake despite all the travel. Whilst I've been writing this Blog I've had a glass of Pinot Grigios (the first since fizz at dinner at Wendy and Martin's to celebrate) and am feeling quite tired. Bed beckons.

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