Tuesday, 13 November 2007

From Cold to Hot

It's after 3pm in the afternoon (where, in fact most 3pms are) and I'm sitting in the Cafe where I can use my Laptop free if I buy something. As I've just had lunch I qualify. Today I have nothing prepared for the Blog and was going to wait but, hey, dear reader(s) that would mean depriving you of some reward for the effort of logging on.

I played Croquet this morning on a beautiful cloudless day wearing long trousers, a bodywarmer and a long-sleeved fleece. As the morning progressed the fleece came off. By lunchtime it was hot. I went straight to Petanque and changed into shorts and a divested myself of other outer raiment except the poloshirt. It was hot - very hot. Perhaps summer has arrived.

I have discovered that old age (sorry, later middle age) has dealt me an odd hand in the memory department. Ever since an incident in 1965 I have had terrible problems remembering names. It is a good job that Carol was outwardly tolerant because soon after we were married I was introducing her to someone and forgot her name. I digress. I have now been back in Napier for a week and a half and have slotted back into Croquet and Petanque and life here and have remembered almost everyone's names. How odd is that?

Hopefully tomorrow I will have something more interesting to post.

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