Friday, 9 November 2007

For want of a can opener

One of the lovely things about being here is that The Family Geddes is so near. Catriona came down to see me last night at about 7pm. In my experience children, when (with permission) raiding fridges and food stores look for for biscuits, sweets and anything which is not the healthy option. Not so with the Geddes children. They raid the larder for lettuce leaves, carrots and apples. OK so I've never known a biscuit refused but first choice a lettuce leaf?!

A little later Wendy came down with Fraser. We had a blether and perhaps a glass of wine (we have learned to eschew the healthy option) passed our lips. After they had gone I decided to have some dinner.

Frankly food has been at the bottom of my agenda over the last few days since I've had this bug and nothing in the larder came forward as it would have done to Ford Prefect and said "Eat Me". A tasty salad? I have no ability to taste at the moment and a salad is effort. I decided upon soup or a tin of beans. That is until I discovered that one of the necessities which had been overlooked in the kitchen was a tin opener. Guess what I'll be buying today.


  1. Guess what you'll be buying today? Blow the tin-opener - you'll need more wine!

  2. Anyone, dear Brother, who thinks I would not have enough wine would not know me. However I note that you didn't say that (although I understood that to be the implication)and so yes, I suppose I will need more wine.