Thursday, 15 November 2007


There is so much to say about the birds here. Which is not the opening sentence of a 1950s post card from the seaside. I was wondering how many interesting birds I might see here that you will not see in Europe. In fact many birds here were introduced from Europe. I hope, over the next six months, to show you some examples of the native species. Generally speaking because of New Zealand's equable climate there is no major migration although the native cuckoos migrate to the Pacific Islands and there is evidence of altitudinal migration and movement to good food sources.

Obviously the Country's National Bird is the Kiwi.but there is little chance of me seeing one in the wild, never mind being able to photograph it in the wild. However there are lots more which are interesting too.

The highlight of my bird sightings last year was seeing Albatrosses on the trip between Invercargill and Stewart Island at the very South of South Island. I wonder what it will be this year.

There are, as one would expect, lots of seabirds and I shall probably deal with those separately. Despite living so close to the sea I've never developed a close interest in seabirds. Perhaps this six months will be an opportunity to change that.

I shall keep a list in the sidebar of the Blog of the birds which I have seen and where I have photographs or a Blog posting I'll add the date.

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  1. I love the name Welcome Swallow. British taxonomists could take a lesson from NZ ones (apparently it's much more boringly called the House Swallow in Australia). A good little article on it appears on