Sunday, 28 October 2007

Time and Date

Napier (in fact for our purposes, all of New Zealand) is usually 11 hours ahead of the UK during the UK summer and 13 hours ahead during the UK winter . This varies to 12 when New Zealand Daylight Saving and BST do not coincide.

For those who do not have a (wonderful) Kybtec Clock on their computer an excellent internet site which will tell you the time anywhere in the world (and lots more information too) is . If you are just interested in New Zealand then click on Time in Napier .

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  1. Damn, not only have I got to lose you for six months but I've got to get used go your yesterday being tomorrow's evening or whatever... Why cannot the antipodeans accept that the UK is the centre of the world? I'm sure thy could get used to having sunshine at midnight and stars at midday. After all, they've got used to Christmnas without snow and living upside down...
    Enjoy !