Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Sic Transit Gloria Tuesday

One knows one is getting old when one can remember when air travel was a joy. I'm getting old!

It's necessary, of course, but nevertheless it is frustrating and time-consuming and can be very irritating. Glasgow has updated it's equipment and the process was free of hassle and was speedy. You don't have to remove your laptop from the hand-luggage now in the main departure areas and everyone has to remove their shoes so the randomness is removed. It helped my composure that I didn't set off any bleepers. I have this travel through airports thing down to a fine art. And anyone who thinks that is bound for a fall.......

At Heathrow Laptops have to be removed! Shoes sometimes have to be removed so instead of everyone being ready no one is ready and hold-ups occur. I decided to go through without shoes regardless and with nothing in pockets etc. I set off the alarms. A complete search failed to find any cause and I was eventually released no doubt with a tag which would ensure that, if I ever go to the USA, I will be a marked man.

So here I sit in Heathrow with 4 hours to the flight being called and nothing to do except relax, read, do crosswords and visit all the shops from which I have absolutely no intention of purchasing anything.

Next stop Hong Kong!

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