Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Leaving of Lewis

I left Lewis with a haste which bordered on the indecent. Pat took me to the Airport and we arrived in good time only to find that 35 minutes before the flight I was the last person to book in. That did have one advantage: my two large cases were not hand examined. The idea of having to unpack cases packed for a four-day journey was not an amusing prospect.

The disadvantage was that whilst I was wondering where all the passengers were and Pat was wondering if she could top up her caffeine levels, the last call was made for the flight and Fiona and Ann had not even arrived for the send-off. Fortunately they arrived just at that moment and it was undoubtedly the fastest goodbye I've ever had.

The plane was in the air one minute before departure time and on the ground in Glasgow 20 minutes before it was due.

I managed to get some wonderful photos of Point as we flew off but I can't include them on the Blog just yet because the cable I need to download them from the camera is in one of the cases somewhere (hopefully) in transit. I'll download them later.

A wonderful evening relaxing at John and Sue's in Glasgow set me up for the next leg of the journey.

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