Monday, 22 October 2007

11200 Miles or 18026 Kms

Google Earth must be one of the most amazing facilities ever to be made readily available free of charge to everyone who has a (modern) computer and internet connection.

It tells me, for example, that in 10 days (or so, allowing for time variations) I should be 11200 miles, 18026 kms, or 1.90531e-9 light years away from where I am at this moment.

One is always taught that if a hole is drilled through the earth from the British Isles one would end up in Australia. Google earth will show that this is far from accurate. In fact New Zealand is nearer but a straight line from New Zealand will end up somewhere between the southern tip of Spain and a point in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Bay of Biscay and equidistant from Lands End, France and Spain.

I though you'd all like to know that!

If you would like to see the locations of my homes click on Google Map.

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