Sunday, 2 September 2007


The plans are in place. The journey is booked. I leave the UK for my adopted winter (here) or summer (there) home on Monday 29th October. The outward journey leaving Stornoway Airport at 1330 is via Glasgow (where I stay the night with friends - I hope I'm fit for the journey the next day!), London Heathrow, Hong Kong and Auckland arriving in Napier at 1410 on Thursday 1st November. The journey is not quite as long as it seems because New Zealand is 11 hours ahead of the UK. In fact over those few days it may be 12 hours depending on when NZ has its daylight saving this year.

Following in my Brother's steps I've decided to try to keep people up to date with my life on the other side of the world by using a 'sort of blog'.

The 'sort of blog' needs to be planned, of course, so this is the start.