Tuesday, 6 December 2011

News From Lewis

I've just had emails from two friends on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.  It's -2℃ in Eagleton this morning.  That doesn't happen in December.  One of the friends lives South of Stornoway and sent me this photo of his house:


  1. That's more than I've seen around here so far this winter. Although there was just a dust of the white stuff on the lawns this morning and I think they maybe got a little more out in the countryside (judging by a few cars I saw in town).

  2. Well, seems that the world is all twisted up. This is our weather, there. We must have there's, here; as it is nearly 50 degrees {not sure what that is for your temperature readings}, and a bit rainy, when normally about this time of year, we're nearly freezing with lots and lots of snow.