Monday, 21 November 2011

A Wine Tour

I've been on a number of tours of the wineries of Hawkes Bay of which I understand that there are about 172 in Hawkes Bay and I've visited less than 10 of them (some more than once).  On Friday Gaz, Carol and I went on a tour run by a company, Vince's World of Wine, which I've not been with before and it's a company I will certainly recommend to visitors in future.  The wineries were very well chosen and the wines of a very high standard.   Vince drove one mini-bus but our driver/knowledgeable guide/good-fun-person was Lynn, Vince's wife.  We visited 4 wineries and ended up at Moana Park, a winery just by the Pukatapu School where all Wendy and Martin's children have gone and the younger children still go.  Despite its closeness I had never been into the winery.  I am ashamed because as a package the wines were far and away the best we tasted.

I think Gaz and Carol were enjoying themselves
Lynn looked on with a typical Kiwi smile
Pedro, Moana Park Winery's chief rabbit hunter

Moana Park's Cellar Door


  1. I wish I liked wine!

    Everyone who drinks it always looks as though they're having such a good time... I tried some once and spat it out.

    I'm sure you'll have such good fun touring the other 162,


  2. It certainly looks as if Gaz and Carol had a good time staying with you :)

  3. What did the grapes say when they got stomped on?
    Nothing, they just let out a little whine. (wine)
    See, I have spent some time in England, and I remember the Christmas crackers!

  4. So dogs are licensed in NZ ? Excellent idea. I don't know why we did away with it.