Saturday, 16 April 2011

Address Books

I should really be doing this post when I get back to Scotland and can show you a photo of every address book I have ever had.  I've kept them and they are sitting in my roll-top desk back in Eagleton.  Not that it would be a particularly exciting photo but it would, at least, be a photo.

I thought that when I came out to New Zealand this time I'd have lots of time to get the address book on my AppleMac up to date.  Unfortunately the import/export from the great Handy Address Book from Beiley Software which I use on the Windows computers didn't transfer all the information using vCard files.  Needless to say the address book on Eve has only had the updates over the last six months that have occurred during that time...... until this afternoon.  I was supposed to be playing a croquet match but the weather was very wet and we chickened out.  It should be sunny again on Monday.  So I decided to bite the bullet and by the time I finish I'll have updated A to E with all the miscellaneous and essential information.

So later, after popping up to The House to catch up, I shall watch a film.  Well, that's the plan.  But since when have my plans every come to fruition?

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  1. I think I got rid of my old address books when I moved three years ago. I've only got the one which goes back to 2000. My past is erased...